Friday, June 21, 2013

Post Card Challenge

Today I am sharing cards from my card club members in C.L.O.C.K. This month we shared our post card themed inspired cards. Our challenge was to make a card with a post card theme the ladies were really creative with this one. We also had to make Card Candy to exchange so that the person receivng it will be making a card next month with the candy they received this month.  Here is Denise's description of the cards:
 Layers were definitely in! Alicia created a post card-card. Alicia's card utilizes a tag as post card on stamped card stock. She used manila  envelop colored card stock and brown ink for the details of the card. A blue sparkle filligree is stamp on the card, brushing against the baby blue bow. Three hand-made roses grace the right hand corner of the card. Inside the card is a canceled post mark with room to write a note.
 Peri's card illustrated Tim Holtz's distressed ink on a layered surface. She used puzzle pieces that were designed not to interlock. The message on the post card: My pieces don't fit without you. The post card is mounted on pre-stamped cardboard.

Jeanette's card--from Paris "Oooh la, la! Jeanette used a blocking technique to illustrate the Eiffel Tower blocking the view of a bicycle. A mini Paris post card graces the front right hand corner. The post card is mostly black and white with blue dabbed on the surface. The flowers in the bicycle basket are painted with ink as is the "Roma Hotel" stamp in the left hand corner. The back of the post card has place for a stamp and Oooh la la is stamped across the top.
Kim used12 plus stamps to decorate her post card. The card is layered brown, red, pink and tan. Like Jeanette, Kim used a blocking technique by creating an image of a Greek woman as the clock face. Kim distressed the edges of the card and finished it in tattered mist. Below is a photo of my card  candy that Kim will be using.
Sorry I don't have the description of Denises card but as you can see from the photo it is a work of art mixing crafting with a little education by using a historical figure. The colors of the cards were just beautiful nicely blending from one to another. Denises technique for making a card a little more than just a card really shows up in this one.

My card

Cards from the ladies

Card Candy

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