Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Updated scraproom/craftroom

Sometimes you just have to clear your space so you can feel creative. Which is exactly what I had to do in my craftroom. I cleared eveything out even those things that I am sure one day I will need. Getting rid of clutter is so freeing once you are able to let go. Changing furniture around also gives you a feeling of being in a new space. I changed my color scheme slightly got rid of some of the pink all of the blue and purple and added black for more of a pink,black and white color scheme. I was on a tight budget so I had to freshen up old furniture. My first project was spray painting my old plastic drawers. I used Krylons Fusion for plastic it really gives a neat look. I took the drawers out and at first sprayed them from the inside but that gave a matted look so I sprayed from the outside which gave it a more rich color. I added ribbon trim for a nice accent. I love they way they look and plus it hides all the junk inside.
The next project was covering my old chair. I didn't follow any of the directions you can find on the net I just kinda wrapped and stapled where needed and as long as you don't look at the bottom it doesn't look half bad.
Here are more picks of my paper storage/stamping table and
ribbon/embellishment table

If you would like to see more of my room checkout my you tube video You can also find a video of my room before the update on my you tube channel . Come back soon to see all the creative juices my updated room inspired me to create.


marianne connors said...

Hi, Alicia. I know this post is old, and i am hoping you'll still get the notification for it...but did you do anything to prime/prep the plastic drawers before spray painting them? Thanks!

Alicia said...

Hi Marianne, No I did not prep the plastic drawers I just used spray paint that is especially for plastic. If you do this please let me see your project.
Thanks for stopping by my blog