Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Baby Stand up Card

This will be short and sweet because I have not even started my Christmas cards for this year. Please let's not even talk about the shopping........not finished. Okay back to the card I love stand up cards I think it gives the receiver another option of what to do with your card besides put it in a box. Now your cards can be displayed like a work of art. This card was done for a new baby I think it would be adorable in the baby's room. Besides using a photo of the parents I also found a sweet little girl poem to place at the bottom. Okay I gotta run a ton of things to do.

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Anonymous said...


First of all... WOW!! That is such a beautiful card. I love it. I'll have to try that out. It's a winner of an idea. Love the pinks. It's soft and gorgeous.
I'm right there with you. I just mailed out my Christmas cards today! And shoppinng hasn't begun. I don't know why time can't just slow down a bit ; )
I hope you're able to get all your tasks accomplished. And you have a very merry Christmas. Full of wonderful blessings!